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The Horsham District Community Safety Partnership is made up of professional representatives from numerous services.

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 placed a statutory duty on Horsham District and West Sussex County Councils, Sussex Police, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Surrey & Sussex Probation Trust and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to work together to reduce crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour throughout the District.  

In practice Police, partners and Councils have been working together for many years, the Act however formalised those arrangements. The Act also recognised that safer communities cannot be delivered without the practical support of the community. They produce a Partnership Plan that involves partners from many agencies; public, private and voluntary; who work together to ensure Horsham District remains a safer place to be. The public are also consulted through the strategic assessment process and their views, fears and perceptions have been taken into account in developing the plan. The partnership is known as the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership

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