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Welcome to Horsham Shopwatch....

Horsham Shop Watch is a crime prevention scheme facilitated by Sussex Police for the benefit of the town centre retailers and now also covers the Horsham District. There is a radio scheme for Horsham Town centre only which covers town shops and pubs. Anybody can join please contact Horsham Police for details. Horsham police have radios and transmit information on a daily basis, as well as responding to incidents however this doesnt replace the need to call Police.

There is a secure website that all members can log in to containing a gallery of the more prolific offenders. Also on this website there are updates of recent incidents. This website is updated with current police information and appeals. To obtain password please contact Horsham Police. 

The Benefits of joining Horsham shopwatch scheme are:

  • Pro active crime prevention.
  • Radio communication.
  • Increased employee security.
  • Sharing of local intelligence.

Leading Horsham Shopwatch (as at January 2015) are: 

PC James Munden, PCSO Charlene Parsons and PCSO Adrian Bell.



Reporting Shoplifting to Sussex Police Horsham District



Immediate incident

If the offence is in progress or has occurred within the past 15 minutes please call 999 and report to police. Ensure you have the correct information available for police. This should include:

  • The name of your shop and your location;

  • Physical description: gender, colour, hair type, build, height, complexion (pale, spotty, etc);
  • Description of all clothing: also think if there is anything really identifiable which officers will spot on the street e.g. type of hat, bright jacket etc;

  • Their name – if you know it, or the fact that they are a regular shoplifter etc. Are they on the shopwatch list. If so what number;

  • Direction of travel, and whether they are on foot, in a car, on a bicycle etc;

  • Details of any vehicle, particularly registration number, type of car, colour of car;

  • Items stolen – so if they are stopped we can search for the goods, so to include any distinguishing marks (e.g. store labels etc);

Any other information – e.g. had a pushchair with them.

If the offence is to be reported later then please call 101 or via Sussex Police website

When an incident has not occurred in last 15 minutes

It is important that Police have the best opportunity of identifying the suspect and prosecuting them for shoplifting.   When you are considering reporting an incident consider whether you have got evidence showing the person taking the items, failing to pay for the goods and leaving the store. The evidence may well be through CCTV or from a witness seeing it happen.

To ensure that we have the best chance of securing a successful outcome, please ensure that you have the following completed –

  • Report it in a timely manner.
  • CCTV downloaded with relevant camera numbers and timings noted.
  • Remember it needs to show the below on CCTV or must be witnessed by somebody for Police to prove the offence –

  • A (Approach of suspect)
  • S (Selection of Goods)
  • C (Concealment of Goods)
  • O (Observe the offender continually)
  • N (No offer of payment made)
  • E (Exit the store)

  • Prepared statement completed to exhibit CCTV (if availble) and report loss.
  • Staff who witnessed the offence need to be available whether at the store or out of work time to provide a statement in a timely manner.
  • Details of any members of public who witnessed offence, to include their name, contact number and what they saw.
  • List of property stolen including costs.

Suspicious incidents

If you believe someone was acting suspiciously, and you may not have enough information to suggest they have actually committed a theft, you can still report the incident to us. Please email:


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